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Romantic drapes, intricate brocade, four-poster canopy beds, swooping woodwork, plush cushions, velvet, satin … these just take you back to that time of luxury, that old-world charm of the Victorian era. How would you like to sink into the history and rich elegance of that time right in your bedroom—but on a budget?
Sounds impossible? Well, read on and find out.

A Victorian Transformation
The Victorian era is characterized by grandeur and opulent excess of ornaments. It is an eclectic revival of the classical and historic styles, with influences from Middle Eastern and Asian fittings, interior decoration, and furniture.
Transforming your bedroom to make it look straight out of a Victorian era novel can be expensive—but it doesn’t have to be. You can recreate a classic, vintage Victorian-style bedroom by recreating the furniture that you already have, adding touches of rustic accessories, choosing rich and plush fabrics, intricate accents, whimsical decors, and elegant to classic French-inspired furniture.
Here, we give you simple tips and tricks to turn your bedroom to rich Victorian without breaking your bank:


  • Set a reasonable budget

As with any home improvement and decorating project, you have to set a reasonable budget where you can reign in your purchases. This will help prevent you from going overboard with your decorations and the rest of your expenses. With a budget, you can plan where you want to spend the most, where you’ll spend the least and where you can compromise. And of course, once your budget is set, you have to vow to stick to it.

  • Bedding and pillows

What will make your room look and FEEL Victorian will be your linens and pillows. You can use anything with lace, ribbon, and embroidery. Consider ornate patterns like brocade, and contrasting fabrics like velvet and silk. You can pick beddings from thrift stores, yard sales, and discount stores where you can also find things for your pillows, tablecloths, and curtains.

  • Accessories

This is where you can let your imagination run wild and unleash your creative juices. For example, repurpose scraps of cloths into Victorian-style lampshades. Or buy cheap reproduction vases to put onto your side tables or bureaus. Scour the internet for DIY projects for bedroom accessories that recreate the elegance of the Victorian era.

  • Wall Art

Instead of buying wallpaper, why not repaint your walls yourself? Get into your old clothes and do the dirty work yourself, adding textures and even making your walls look distressed. For that added warmth and Victorian charm, you can also hang an Oriental or damask rug on your wall. Better yet, print damask and brocade patterns yourself and hang them in large frames over your bed for that added detail.

  • Headboard

Your bed may not work it but you can have a strong visual impact if you upholster a piece of fiberboard and adding buttons, which is characterized by the era. You can also tack and suspend from the ceiling sheer or lace curtains to create that canopy look. If you’re low on fabric, you can drape the fabrics on your wall to create an illusion of the canopy, making your bed look more luxurious.

  • Lighting

The right kind of lighting can enhance the appeal of your room and create a general ambience to any space. Get vintage-style lamps and even chandeliers from thrift shops and yard sales. Choose lamps with fringes and printed, pleated shades. To create warmth and an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom without spending much, you can replace your white bulbs with warm ones. You can also add mirrors with intricate wood work, paint them in gold or even add grains on them for that old, rustic Victorian look.

  • Furniture

Unless you have inherited a bedroom set, heavily carved and ornate Victorian antiques can cost a fortune. You can scour vintage stores and yard sales for bargains, or better yet, get yourself recreation pieces to be certain of the quality and durability. ShoppingStock is a great place to go to as they have a wide and growing selection of Victorian-style furniture. They offer zero-down payment and other easy financing options that would suit any budget. You can be sure that you get quality Victorian-style bedroom furniture and sets at a good price as they pass on their savings from manufacturers straight to you, the customers.
Go to
ShoppingStockInc.com today to find out the latest deals and you may even get yourself that dream Victorian-style bed you have been looking for.

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