Match Made in “Sleep Heaven”: Leather and Fabric Upholstered Beds

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You spend a third of your life on your bed. In your lifetime, you will spend over 200,000 hours in bed, which is far longer than using any other household item, including your sofa and television. Make a mistake of sleeping on an uncomfortable bed and you’ll lose hours’ worth of good sleep that you may wake up cranky, ill-tempered or unproductive for the rest of your day. So it’s a no-brainer—Choosing the perfect bed for you is a trifecta of comfort, durability and value.

ShoppingStock provides you a wide variety of bed designs that would suit your style, needs and budget. The growing bedroom collection include sleigh, storage, contemporary, four-post canopy, leather, fabric, lacquered finish, traditional and day beds. ShoppingStock, staying true to its name by providing great deals to homeowners and home improvement hobbyists and professionals, brings you a slew of upholstered beds that would suit the rest of your bedroom furniture and take your bed to its rightful place as the center of attention—and relaxation—to truly make your bedroom a haven.

Fabric Upholstered Beds
Choosing a bed could make or break you in terms of personal comfort and well-being. You have to choose a bed that is just right for your body contour without putting a strain on your back, a bed that complements your mattress. ShoppingStock brings you fabric upholstered beds for that traditional flair of contemporary statement you want for your bedroom.
Be tempted with the BUYS-JULIET Temptation Modern-Style Platform Bed with Velvet Smooth Headboard. This white contemporary piece is made with hardwood lacquered in white, with the headboard upholstered in smooth, rich velvet. This bed comes in Queen, Eastern King and California King sizes with an option to add a complementing night stand, stool and console dresser to complete your luxuriously modern bedroom look.
Another fabric upholstered bed is from Baxton Studios, the Aisling Modern Fabric Platform Bed that comes in Dark Beige and Gray. This is a seamless mix of traditional and modern with clean lines and smooth curves that go well with clean, neutral-toned elegantly modern bedroom décor. For beds that bring more statement, you can opt for Baxton’s Armeena Modern Storage Platform Bed with Upholstered Headboard. This comes in beige or gray, with a high headboard to draw attention to the bed in any room. This bed stands out in its simplistic elegance that merges functionality with its aesthetics.

Wave Bed Design
For an interestingly remarkable design, there’s the Lambda Contemporary Undulating Wave Design Bed. This curvy, innovative design brings fluidity and serenity to your bed. Its monotone of beige and tan designs and lines go well with the fabric-cushioned headboard, convex profilings and vinyl-covered surfaces with chrome hardware. Another curvy offering from the ShoppingStock bed catalog is the chic and urban Wave-Design white Bed with a White Leather Headboard from J&M Furniture. This all-white bed gives you that contemporary zen feel even if you live in the middle of the city. This bed comes with a matching side table to complete the look.  Another uniquely designed piece, you can also check out the Flora Contemporary Wave Design Button Tufted Black Leather Platform Bead that gives you pure softness and richness as it is fully upholstered in beautifully bonded black leather. This design also comes in White and Brown and All-White design to match every taste.

Glamorous Design Beds
For the bold and glamorous, ShoppingStock brings you the Flair Low Profile Contemporary Bed covered with Red Fabric Upholstery and Button Tufted with Swarovsky Crystals. This bed spells wow and adds an air of daring beauty to your bedroom.

Leather Upholstered Beds
If you’re looking for beds that give off that sleek, opulent flair, you may also go for leather upholstered beds. ShoppingStock has an extensive collection of leather beds that come in different shapes, patterns and tufted finishes. Also part of the new Victorian Collection is the Chantelle French Rococo Antique Platinum Wash Tufted Headboard and Footboard Bed. This is a leather upholstered bed that hearkens back to the old days of classic elegance and pure luxury. The bed is supported by platinum finished wood supports that is low enough but still gives your room a sense of spaciousness. For the modern minimalist, there’s the Modern Sleek and Stylish with Button Tufted Headboard Chrome Legs Platform Bed. This features a shiny, premium bonded leather in silver, which matches well with the solid chrome legs. The sleek design draws the eye to the beautifully crafted leather headboard that feels soft to the touch and is carefully cushioned for head support.
For a touch of posh, there’s the chic, ultra-plump Layla Modern White Jeweled Button Tufted All-Around Leather Bed. This piece would make you feel like royalty as it is button tufted with premium white leather all around and accented with sparkling white jewels. This completes any look if you are going for urban chic, modern minimalism, or if you are going for a statement in your neutral bedroom. You can also add splashes of color throughout your space and still make this piece a sophisticated eye-catcher.

The beds are made by America’s most established and experienced makers of bed and many other furniture, with a long reputation of meeting the highest and strictest quality standards. ShoppingStock have teamed up with manufacturers like Furniture of America, Acme, Coaster, K&B Furniture, At Home USA, Mainline, NewSpec, Poundex, and Cosmos Furniture, J&M Furniture, American Eagle Furniture, among many other well-known proudly American furniture makers.

Order now at ShoppingStock for hassle-free shopping and great deals with friendly customer service specialists who will help find the right piece for your space.

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