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Why should we shop at Shoppingstockinc.com?

We are that furniture store that you have been searching for online.  A one stop shop for all your furnishing needs while providing our customers with an excellent shopping experience.  You want savings, we have that….you want a combination of modern, classic, traditional, and contemporary furniture to decorate your home,e have that too…  Maybe you are looking for a furniture company that can help walk you through the process of purchasing online and giving you that added assurance that you will purchase exactly what you need, well we can help.  ShoppingStockinc.com is the furniture company that will allow you to express yourself the only way you know how!!  Live in comfort, live in style, live in durability and you can also live with the savings that comes from shopping with us.

Why is your selling price so much lower then your competition?

In one word, "Humanity".  We know what the economy is and the difficult times that must of us are facing and ShoppingStockinc.com wants to do its part in changing it for the better.  Most companies sell the same item at 300% markup value and then try to fool their customers with sale gimmicks and clearance pricing.  We offer a better alternative by providing you with Everyday low prices. 

Why do you charge shipping and other companies claim they don't?

They key word here is "claim" they don't charge shipping.  Someone has to pay the drivers, gas, tolls, and freight charges.  Alone with their ballooned prices they also include the shipping charge as well.  Since their shipping cost are already included in selling price you may never know what you are really paying for shipping.  We want to be as transparent as possible to all our customers so you know exactly what you are paying for and what your savings really are.

What happens if my order is delivered with damages?

ShoppingStockinc.com tries its best in shipping our customers 100 damage free merchandise but we know that sometimes things just happen.  There may be a manufacturing defect or damages incurred during shipping but that is where our excellent customer services comes into play.  We will guide you through the entire process of correctly that order.  We will pay for all shipping cost in the return of the item and will also work on delivering the merchandise you paid for in the condition that you want them as well.  We have what many companies out there run away from, ACCOUNTABILITY!


Do you have a paper catalog?

No.  ShoppingStock.com is an eco-friendly business and tries to do everything possible to reduce its carbon footprint.  We go paperless as much as possible.  We believe everyone should play its part in protecting mother earth!!

Why is your site so trendy, cool, unique, and just a pleasure to shop in?

Some secrets are better left untold, we don't want to give our competition any ideas.  Then again when all your competition has the same boring and static site with inflated pricing do you really have much to worry about in the first place

When will I have my tracking information?

We work hard on shipping your order in a timely manner once it is placed.  When your order is allocated, prepped, and shipped you will receive an email from our shipping department with tracking# and freight company used.  You can also monitor your
ShoppingStock.com account and view details of your order as well (account must be created before placing the order).  You can also email [email protected]ShoppingStock.com with any questions, comments, or updates to your order.

What is my warranty?

Your order comes with a standard 1-year structural warranty against manufacturing defects on most items.


Tell me more about coupon codes

Coupon codes are entered at time of check out, in a coupon code field. This is only for offers that include a coupon code. Only one coupon code may be used at a time, and codes cannot be combined with other promotional offers. NOTE: Coupon codes are case sensitive!!!

If you have a promo code that you believe should be working, please contact us via email


Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes we do.  To learn more about this click on the following link below:



Orders normally delivered in 1-3 weeks.  Click here  to learn more.  For white glove delivery please call 908-400-0679 or email us.



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