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Welcome, from this moment on your business will experience something that it never has before.  The time has come when just selling products or services is not enough.  We want to present to you the opportunity to revive your business, to enhance your identity, to provide your customers with an ambiance and a lifestyle that keeps them coming back for more.  The question is not so much how we can do this but more are you willing to erase and forget how past businesses dealt with you, mislead you, over priced you and have forgotten you.  We invite you and thank you for the opportunity to present you what shoppingstockinc.com uniquely has to offer for your business.


You have one chance to make a first impression.  So how do you know you are making the right kind of impression?  When a customer enters your lobby, do they feel invited? Does your furniture welcome them?  Does your theme flow consistently as flowing crystal waters?  If it is not, or your're not sure, or are looking to get started then contact one of our professionals at [email protected]




Hotels Rooms

Picture this, literally..., now that you got them checked in, they go to their room and what do they see, how do they feel?  Feel confident that you will have nothing but positive feedbacks!  Our mattresses are the best in market at a fraction of the cost.  Our bedroom collection inspires them to call this their home away from home.  You want luxury we have it, you want practical we have that too, but most importantly what we have and no one else can offer is the experience for your customers at the most affordable price to you!




You know food, you specialize in it, you have such a passion for it that you opened up your own restaurant.  We know furniture, we specialize in that, so we created shoppingstockinc.com.  Now is time to combine our passions for one purpose, one goal, one agenda, to wine and dine your customers and give them an experience of a lifetime.  You will provide them with the exquisite cuisines that comes only from your kitchen and will provide them with comfort,  the ambiance of eating at home away from home.  Also did we mention that all this comes at a fraction of our competitors prices.  Now that we found each other lets get started, your customers are waiting!!




One can only wonder how many conversations, relationships, partnerships and of course businesses gets started in an area just like this.  When people recall that moment in time, what will they say?  How will they remember your business?  Will they say wow their service was great, the bartender was so friendly and wow that place had such a comfortable feel that we were there for hours.  They can!!, we promise to do our part by providing the furniture that makes them feel relax and enjoy every minute of the time spent utilizing it, and all you have to worry about is the rest.






Office Furniture

When it comes to office furniture we have you covered.  We have an exiting line of furniture for all areas of your business.  Our furniture collection consist of but is not limited to waiting room, conference rooms, office, cubicle, bathrooms, visit areas and so much more.  If you are looking for a theme for your business we have professionals whom can get you started, with that, but if you are looking for quality, value, & savings that is our speciality.                  

Out Door Furniture

Simply Amazing, so Restful, so Peaceful, an oasis that gives your customers exactly what they are looking for.  A sense of relaxation with style & elegance.  Would we dare to add the adjective “luxurious” when it comes to your customer’s responses.  Well, while we may not be able to control how they feel about the obscene amount of money that was spent, where money was no object in order to provide them with this sense of oasis, we can promise that what you really spent on it will be our little secret.


Simply Said When It Comes To Your Commerical Business Needs Your Possiblities Are Endless!!






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